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We help you seek a restraining order or defend against one 

We help our clients seek AND/OR defend against civil harassment restraining orders and domestic violence restraining orders in Sacramento.   

What is a Restraining Order?  Is it worth seeking or Defending?
These are the two most common questions our law office hears on a weekly basis.
A restraining order, also known as protective order, is a court order in which the judge issues against an offending party in order to protect a person a person being from continued harassment, stalking, physical violence, and other forms of severe annoyance.   We are often asked, “Can’t I just call the police.”  If you believe you have been harmed or are in danger of being harmed you absolutely can call the police or 911.  However, given the current climate in our criminal justice system, often prosecutors and police do not have the resources to pursue and prosecute every case.  What this means for you is that you may need to be proactive in protecting yourself.  Sacramento protective orders and restraining orders provide you with a tool to do just that. 
Many of our clients find themselves in a situation where they need to protect themselves from a protective order or restraining order in Sacramento.   Defending your restraining order case in Sacramento is critically important to protect yourself from wrongful allegations and potentially serious repercussions including but not limited to losing custody of your child, the restraining order showing on a background check, and criminal incarceration for subsequent violations.   Our law offices takes defending against restraining orders very seriously and we treat each protective order case with as much knowledge, skill, and expertise as we do our criminal cases. 

Experience Matters - Our Experience Defending and Seeking Restraining Orders in Sacramento
Sacramento restraining order lawyer and family law attorney, Thanh Foxx, works with our law office on restraining order cases.  How do you choose the best restraining order attorney in Sacramento for your case?  The answer always comes down to one word.  Experience.  Our criminal defense law office teams up with a skilled Sacramento Protective Order Attorney who practices family law in Sacramento to bring you the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to provide you with the best possible representation.   With our litigation skills and Attorney Foxx’s familiarity with the family law court, we bring you superior representation. 
Our Law Offices ​have successfully argued many Sacramento restraining order cases.  If you or a loved one is seeking a restraining order or need to protect yourself against a restraining order, we are here to help.  Restraining orders in the Sacramento courts are serious.  Violations of restraining orders can result in criminal arrests and jail time.  If you need a restraining order in Sacramento or need to defend yourself against the harsh restrictions and penalties of a restraining order, our Sacramento law office is here to help.  

Emergency Protective Order in Sacramento
If you feel like your life is in imminent danger call 911 right away.  There are several types of restraining orders that are available to you. If you are a victim of abuse, serious harassment, or stalking, you can seek an emergency protective order 24 hours a day from the police.  

Civil Harassment Restraining Order 
Civile Harassment restraining orders are different from restraining orders saught and defended in family court.  You may seek protection using a civil harassment restraining order if you have been harassed, stalked, threatened, or sexually assaulted.  The agressor must be someone that you have not had a close relationship with.  If the person you are seeking a restraining order against lives with you or you are in a spouse or dating relationship with that person, please see below for more information on domestic violence restraining orders.  (Updated information on the packets and forms used in Sacramento civil harassment proceedings is soon to come). 

Domestic Violence Restraining Order in Sacramento 
Are you having problems at home?  Do you need to seek protection from a former spouse or someone you are dating?  Has someone threatened to file a restraining order against you and you need to defend your case in court?  Our law Office has argued many domestic violence restraining orders in Sacramento.  Sacramento Domestic Violence Restraining Orders can have severe effects on child custody and other family law related matters.  In addition, violations of the restraining order, if imposed, can result in incarceration and jail time.  Sacramento Domestic Violence Restraining Orders protect a person from their: former spouse, person in a dating relationship, prior dating relationship, lover, mother, father/mother of a child anyone closely related to you by blood marriage or adoption.  Our restraining order lawyer law offices have successfully fought and defended domestic violence restraining orders in Sacramento.  

Common Sacramento Court Forms for Domestic Violence Restraining Order Cases:

More Information on Protective Orders and Restraining Orders in Sacramento.
The Holley Defense Law Office always recommends that you familiarize yourself with as much information as possible regarding your case.  You can visit the Sacramento Superior Court Website for more online resources.  As you will see, restraining order cases are complex and paperwork intensive.  Click here for more information.  

Call Now for a free restraining order or protective order consultation.  (916) 956-2876.  The Sacramento Restraining Order Lawyer and protecive order attorney in Sacramento are here to help.



Step 1: Request for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (For Parties Without Common Minor Children Packet


Step 1:  Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order (for Parties With Common Minor Children Packet)


Request for a Continuance Packet 


Application to Renew Domestic Violence Restraining Order Packet


Step 2: Domestic Violence Restraining Order Packet 

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