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Attorney Jason R. Holley, of counsel, has experience in criminal law at the state, federal, and international level.  

He worked for the United Nations, International Criminal Tribunal involving crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, in The Hague, Holland.  

Attorney Jason R. Holley specialized in Criminal Justice and Trial Advocacy in Law School.  He was Suma Cum Laude at the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with academic distinction from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.  

Attorney Jason R. Holley was founder of the Criminal Law Society in Sacramento.  He has dedicated his life to providing the accused with the best defense possible.  

F​​or over ​​​​​​​47 years Attorney Robert M. Holley has successfully fought for the rights of the accused in Sacramento, Placer, YOLO,  and El Dorado. 

A few of his notable cases include:  Lynette Fromme (charged with attempting to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1975), BALCO (Barry Bonds Steroid Scandal) and numerous others.

Attorney Robert M. Holley was a Federal Public Defender in Sacramento  for 17 years. He was a professor of Trial Advocacy at University of California, Davis, School of Law.  He is currently writing a legal book on "how to do jury trials from the right side of the brain."   

Attorney Robert M. Holley has extensive experience defending all types of felonies and misdemeanors in both federal and state courts.     


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​​What separates our Sacramento criminal defense attorneys from the rest?  
The answer is simple, ​​experience.   Over 47 years to be exact.  The Holley Defense Team has decades of experience, tried hundreds of state and federal cases, is familiar with local judges and prosecutors,  knows what it takes to win.
Navigating our criminal justice system can be a daunting task.  Effective criminal defense requires precision, tactical advantage, and experience.  Our law offices give you the peace of mind knowing that you are in competent hands.  Our record speaks for itself. 

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How To Choose An Attorney 

  The Holley Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Attorneys have a proven record of successfully defending criminal cases in an around the Sacramento area.  Their vigorous attorneys are certified to practice law in both state and federal courts.  Their services cover multiple surrounding counties including: YOLO County, Placer County, Colusa County, and El Dorado County.
During their 45 year criminal defense practice they have successfully defended from petty theft to acts of terrorism.  The most common criminal charge is DUI Vehicle Code 23152(a) and Vehicle Code  23152(b).  The Holley Defense Team handles every aspect of a criminal case from arraignment to trial and even appeals.  For example, in DUI cases, the Holley Defense Lawyers not only represent you in the criminal charge but also argue vigorously for you to keep your driver's license in the DMV Hearing.  For more information on DUI Criminal Defense visit the "Drunk Driving" section below.  The Holley Defense Team zealously defends all felony & misdemeanor DUI and DWI cases.   In most misdemeanor cases, the Holley defense team can appear on your behalf.  That’s right, you don’t even have to go to court!  
With the knowledge, tactical skill, and expertise of the Holley Criminal Defense Team, rest assured, you are in good hands. 
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How To Choose The Best
Criminal Defense Attorney In Sacramento

How do I choose the best Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney?  Who is the top criminal lawyer in Sacramento? 

Finding the top Sacramento criminal defense attorney can be a daunting task.  Unfortunately, some criminal attorneys in Sacramento make promises they cannot keep or claim experience and expertise in areas they do not practice.  Unfortunately, this makes finding the best criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer in Sacramento difficult.  
Every criminal attorney in Sacramento is unique.  Each defense lawyer in Sacramento has their own special interests, experience in criminal defense, ability, and depth.  At every level, from the first meeting with a potential client, through all of the preparation, court appearances, pretrial motions, negotiations, and trial skills, each attorney is as different as night and day.  Sometimes it boils down to the criminal attorney’s basic philosophy as to why he or she has chosen this sometimes overwhelmingly difficult profession.  You must ask, does my potential defense lawyer in Sacramento do it for the money, fame, or some other self-serving motivation?  Or is it a fundamental calling, something that is saying to them from somewhere deep within, “Our system of justice requires every ounce passion and commitment; it is a system that is worth dedicating our lives to, a system that is worth dying for.”
Holley Defense Law Offices created a list of six questions for you to print and take with you to your criminal defense consultation in Sacramento.  Attorney Robert Holley and Jason Holley provide you with this list, not as advertisement for their practice, but as a practical guide to help you navigate the complex waters of choosing to best Sacramento criminal defense and DUI attorney. 
   1.  What experience do you have in handling a criminal case such as mine?
               To sometimes a great degree, experience counts, courtroom experience.  But remember, a trial lawyer may be the very best possible lawyer for the job and never have handled a case exactly like yours.  In a major shooting case, Attorney Robert Holley had the following discourse with a potential client:
               Q.  Are you an expert in ballistics?
               A.  No.
               Q.  Then how you handle a case such as mine where ballistics is a major issue?
               A.  Because I am an expert in conducting jury trials.  We will hire an expert in ballistics.  (The client hired Attorney Robert Holley.)
   2.  Can you explain the Sacramento criminal court procedure to me?
               All lawyers know (or should know) the procedure involved in conducting legal proceedings.  It’s our job.  But you of course will want to know what to expect, particularly as it applies to your unique case.  Listen carefully to the explanation and how it is given.  Is the lawyer clear, confident, patient, kind, sincere?   Beyond mere words, how the lawyer speaks to you, as a client, will provide clues as to how the lawyer will come across to opposing counsel, a judge, or a jury.
   3.  What types of investigation or expert services do you expect will be needed?  
               Just starting out, we can’t expect a lawyer to know everything that will be necessary to effectively present the Sacramento case for pretrial hearings or trial.  However, when you are interviewing a potential trial counsel, the answer to this question can at least give you some idea as to the depth of a lawyer’s thought process in handling this type of case.  Plus, you, the client, will likely be paying for these services.  Here, you can often gauge if the lawyer is the type of advocate that goes the extra mile.
   4.  Who are the people that will be working with you on the case, and how do you choose them?
               The answer may be, “Nobody.”  On the other hand, few lawyers work strictly by themselves.  For example, Holley Defense have secretaries, paralegals, co-counsel, investigators etc.  Again, we are looking not just to learn who these people are, but, more importantly, how the lawyer thinks, and handles business.   For example, Holley Defense believes two criminal defense minds are better one, for that reason we often put two attorneys on every criminal case.  That way, we can ensure no stone is left unturned.
   5.  How accessible will you, as a lawyer, be to me?
               All good lawyers have other clients, and a life beyond the courtroom.  But accessibility to your local criminal defense attorney is important.  Criminal lawyers need you just as much as you need them.  The criminal attorney - client relationship with one another is just as important as anything else in the case.  Each must trust the other.  Choose a lawyer that you think you can work with, that you can trust to do the best possible job on your case.  Remember, not every criminal lawyer in Sacramento, is right for every client, and vice versa.  Beyond everything else said in this section, choose the Sacramento criminal lawyer that you feel you can get along with, and trust to do the best possible job on your case.  If the Sacramento criminal defense attorney is doing his or her job right, he or she will be evaluating you the same way.  You must be a team. 
   6.  How much will my Sacramento criminal defense representation cost?
               Most clients might put this question as number one, as economics is always at the forefront of any legal contract.  However, Holley Defense suggests this factor be discussed at the end of the consultation because before you even reach this point, you need to know if you can work with this particular lawyer, and if we have a good feeling about his or her capability of doing the job that needs to be done.  The goal, of course, is winning (however we define “winning” under the circumstances of a particular case). 
Keep in mind, client’s should not hire an expensive lawyer simply because the client thinks that an expensive lawyer must be worth the money (sometimes they are not).  And clients should be very cautious not to hire an inexpensive lawyer just because you want to save some money.  Often “bargain attorneys” can only put in as much time as they charge.   Just think, you would not want to hire a “bargain doctor” to conduct open heart surgery.  Your life depends on the quality of work. 
Follow your heart, believe in the strength of your case.  The Sacramento criminal justice system can be scary.  Thoughts of “Am I going to jail?” and  “how much time am I looking at?” can become so overwhelming you lose any quality of life.  Top rated Sacramento criminal defense lawyers are here to calm your anxiety and help you focus on fighting your case.   Holley Defense wishes you the best of luck with your search and are here to help if you have any questions.

For more information about Holley Defense, feel free to familiarize yourself with the services tab above and talk to a live attorney now.  (916) 956-2876.    

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