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Attorney Jason R. Holley, of counsel, has experience in criminal law at the state, federal, and international level.  

He worked for the United Nations, International Criminal Tribunal involving crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, in The Hague, Holland.  

Attorney Jason R. Holley specialized in Criminal Justice and Trial Advocacy in Law School.  He was Suma Cum Laude at the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with academic distinction from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.  

Attorney Jason R. Holley was founder of the Criminal Law Society in Sacramento.  He has dedicated his life to providing the accused with the best defense possible.  

F​​or over ​​​​​​45 years Attorney Robert M. Holley has successfully fought for the rights of the accused in Sacramento, Placer, YOLO,  and El Dorado. 

A few of his notable cases include:  Lynette Fromme (charged with attempting to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1975), BALCO (Barry Bonds Steroid Scandal) and numerous others.

Attorney Robert M. Holley was a Federal Public Defender in Sacramento  for 17 years. He was a professor of Trial Advocacy at University of California, Davis, School of Law.  He is currently writing a legal book on "how to do jury trials from the right side of the brain."   

Attorney Robert M. Holley has extensive experience defending all types of felonies and misdemeanors in both federal and state courts.     


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What separates our Sacramento criminal defense attorneys from the rest?  The answer is simple, ​​experience.  The Holley Defense Team has decades of experience, tried hundreds of state and federal cases, is familiar with local judges and prosecutors,  knows what it takes to win.
Navigating our criminal justice system can be a daunting task.  Effective criminal defense requires precision, tactical advantage, and experience.  Our law offices give you the peace of mind knowing that you are in competent hands.  Our record speaks for itself. 

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xample, in DUI cases, the Holley Defense Lawyers not only represent you in the criminal charge but also argue vigorously for you to keep your driver's license in the DMV Hearing.  For more information on DUI Criminal Defense visit the "Drunk Driving" section below.  The Holley Defense Team zealously defends all felony & misdemeanor DUI and DWI cases.   In most misdemeanor cases, the Holley defense team can appear on your behalf.  Thats right, you dont even have to go to court! 
W  The Holley Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Attorneys have a proven record of successfully defending criminal cases in an around the Sacramento area.  Their vigorous attorneys are certified to practice law in both state and federal courts.  Their services cover multiple surrounding counties including: YOLO County, Placer County, Colusa County, and El Dorado County.
During their 45 year criminal defense practice they have successfully defended from petty theft to acts of terrorism.  The most common criminal charge is DUI Vehicle Code 23152(a) and Vehicle Code  23152(b).  The Holley Defense Team handles every aspect of a criminal case from arraignment to trial and even appeals.  For example, in DUI cases, the Holley Defense Lawyers not only represent you in the criminal charge but also argue vigorously for you to keep your driver's license in the DMV Hearing.  For more information on DUI Criminal Defense visit the "Drunk Driving" section below.  The Holley Defense Team zealously defends all felony & misdemeanor DUI and DWI cases.   In most misdemeanor cases, the Holley defense team can appear on your behalf.  That’s right, you don’t even have to go to court!  
With the knowledge, tactical skill, and expertise of the Holley Criminal Defense Team, rest assured, you are in good hands. 

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DUI Defense Attorney 

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"I owe The Holley Criminal Defense Law Firm a debt of gratitude for getting my charges dismissed! Not only did I never step into a courtroom, I had direct access to my lawyers. I never once spoke to a secretary or legal aid. They were quick to respond to emails, answer questions, and perhaps most importantly, put my mind at ease during the whole ordeal. Thank you!! - Anonymous 
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​​You have likely been charged with one or more of the following crimes:  vc23152(a), vc23152(b), vc23152(e), or vc23152(f).  Maybe you were arrested at a Sacramento DUI checkpoint or for swerving your vehicle.  Possibly you were pulled over for something completely unrelated to driving under the influence.  In any event, you likely were given a breath test or blood test, and field sobriety test (FST).  Most DUIs are misdemeanors, however, DUIs with injury to another are commonly charged as felonies.  A DUI arrest does not mean a DUI conviction.  DUI's are highly technical and multifaceted crimes with numerous successful defenses. With harsh penalties and advances in the blood alcohol testing, it is more important than ever that you speak with an experienced Sacramento DUI lawyer to provide you with the best defense possible. 

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Our Sacramento criminal defense law practice has successfully defended numerous DUI and DWI cases in and around the Sacramento area.  Driving Under the Influence of drugs and/or alcohol is considered a serious crime in Sacramento.   Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony DUI, the consequence of a DUI can have a lasting impact on your life. 

Our Sacramento DUI attorneys understand the complexity and importance of DUI defense.  Common questions include: Am I going to jail for a DUI in Sacramento?  How much does a DUI cost in Sacramento? What will happen to my driver’s license if I get a DUI? Do I have a defense to my DUI? Can I refuse a breathalyzer or drug test? Do I need a Sacramento DUI lawyer?   Feel free to browse the DUI section of this website for answers to your DUI questions. 

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               * Police officer did not have probable cause to pull car over
               * Bad driving does NOT equal drunk driving
               * Field Sobriety Test not administered properly
               * BAC not accurate. Equipment not calibrated correctly
               * "Alcohol Mouth" caused the false high BAC result
               * Arresting officers did not follow proper procedure 

               *  Timing of the FST: (BAC was on the rise) 
               *  Arresting officer did not conduct the proper observation waiting period
               *  Someone else was driving 
               *  Drank AFTER Drove 
               * Contaminated Blood Draw 
               * Destruction Of Evidence 
               * Improper FST Procedure 
               * No informed consent 
               * Non drug or alchohol related impairment 
​               * Corpus Delecti 

Sacramento & Placer County Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Learn More About Juvenile Proceedings 

Attorney Jason R. Holley is trained and certified to practice juvenile criminal defense.  He has argued several felony jevinile cases in Placer County and has successfully returned children from juvenile hall back to their parents.  
Adult criminal defense and juvenile criminal defense are very different.  Juvenile criminal defense is a highly specialized area of the law.  It is critical that your attorney be familiar with juvenile proceedings and make the types of arguments that will be successful to juvenile judges.

Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Jason R. Holley is trained to practice juvenile criminal defense law.  He completed juvenile defense training at the Pacific Juvenile Defender Center PDJC is familiar with the juvenile court process. prosecutors, and judges.  If your child is charged with a crime, call now to schedule a consultation with our Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney. 

Attorney Jason R. Holley practices juvenile criminal defense  in Sacramento, YOLO, El Dorado, and Placer County.  As a juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento, he has helped several minors get their life back on track and out of custody.    He has successfully argued many detention hearings for the release of the child from juvenile hall.  Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Holley is not afraid to take the case to trial and vigorously fight for the protection of your child.  No matter what your child is charged with, it is imperative to hire an attorney with the knowledge, skills, and expertise in juvenile criminal defense to assist your child through this difficult time.  

Attorney Jason Holley was also a high school water polo coach and works well with kids.  Sacramento Juvenile Defense Attorney Jason Holley strongly believes juvenile hall is no place for a child and he works tirelessly to protect the child against conviction and incarceration.
"I do not know what I would do without Jason.  From the time I first met him in the Placer County Juvenile Hall, he faught for me.  He got me out of juvenile hall and got all my charges reduced.  I am now getting good grades in school and am on track to graduate.  I want to be an electrician.  Jason still calls me every so often to make sure that I'm doing ok.  He is more than just a lawyer, he is like my own family." - Anonymous
Expungement Attorney 

Clear Your Criminal Record Now 

Do you have a criminal convictionin Sacramento, YOLO, Placer, Eldorado or surrounding areas? Is your criminal history preventing you from obtaining housing or a job? Are you worried that employers will see that you have a past conviction? Do you want to clear your criminal history to give yourself a fresh start and a clean record?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Sacramento expungement attorneys are here to help. Our Criminal Defense Law Offices is dedicated to giving you a second chance.  

Our Sacramento Criminal Defense Expungement Lawyers and DUI Expungement Attorneys have helped many people clear their criminal record.  Felonies and misdemeanors can be sucessfuly expunged.   If you are applying for a job, loan, or looking to rent a house - do not let your criminal history hold you back.  Expungements can give you a clean new start.  Many felony charges can be reduced to misdemenaors or even expunged.  DUIs can be embarassing and stay on your criminal record for life unless expunged. 

How do I expunge my criminal record in Sacramento? 
An "expungement" is the legal term used for the process of cleaning up your criminal record.  In short, the process reopens your criminal case and withdraws your previous plea or guilty verdict, and dismisses the charges - then re-closes the case.  Basically, you are no longer a "convicted person".   Expungements require filing a motion with the court and a court hearing at the discretion of the judge.  You can try and do this process without legal representation, however this not generally reccomended.  Our Expungement lawyers in Sacramento are skilled in writing the expugement motions with tactical skill and use surrounding evidence to bolster your odds of getting the Sacramento expungement granted.  Our expungement attorneys in Sacramento are veterins in the courtroom and orally advocate to the judge durring the expungement hearing that you deserve a second chance and fresh beginning. 

Why is this important?
Generally, you are able to tell your employer or landlord that you had a criminal case which was dismissed in the interest of justice. There are various exceptions to this rule, so it is important that you speak with an experienced expungement attorney. Pursuant to California Labor Code (Lab) section 432.7, employers cannot ask about the did not end in conviction, convictions that have been judicially dismissed, or about any diversion or similar programs. If the employer is aware of any such arrests or programs, they cannot use this information in hiring or promotion decisions. Out office completely assists you in this process. We file a detailed petition on your behalf including exhibits, personal statements, and character letters if necessary.  Our law offices fight vigorously to help you put the past behind you and start a new chapter of your life - free of criminal convictions.  


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